Dragon Knight 2

Release date

Dragon Knight 2 is the return of the best browser-based MMORPG about dragons with new graphics and gameplay. The ancient dragon has returned and is leading an army of dragon demons to the sacred tree of life. Don't miss the epic adventure and join the Order of knights! Bright graphics, new heroes, hot goddesses and flights on giant dragons are waiting for you! Check out the undisputed browser hit of the year and rediscover the Dragon Knight universe!

Become a dragon knight

A huge world full of possibilities and adventures is open to you. Go to the heart of the Darkfort Kingdom and glorify your name! Assemble a squad of 18 heroes of different classes with unique skills and discover new ways to enhance your character at each level from crafting items to stargazing. And thanks to the chivalry system, everyone will know about your achievements! Perform hundreds of feats, unlock over 80 titles and get the highest rank of the golden knight!

Save the beautiful goddesses

The dragon demons captured six seductive goddesses of luck, wisdom, love, war, light and night. Travel the world and free your heavenly allies! The goddesses will join the squad and become an indispensable weapon in the war against evil. While the goddesses are weak and recovering from their imprisonment, but it is in your power to return them to their former divine power!

Tame the dragons

In Dragon Knight 2, the mounts are much larger than a regular vehicle. They enhance the characteristics of the host and dutifully learn combat skills. Over time, the stable will host a collection of dozens of mounts, including obstinate steeds, comely pandas and flying dragons.

Develop a guild

The strength of the Order of Knights lies in unity! Gather your brothers and sisters under the guild banner and surround yourself with loyal allies. Reward capable knights with honorary positions and make deals with merchants to fill the guild shop with rare artifacts. Find the blueprints of the library and fill the shelves with ancient books that will strengthen the brotherhood's warriors. Get a personal monster for training, challenge the strongest guilds daily and celebrate victories in the evenings around the campfire with your friends.

Find your soulmate

Among thousands of players, you will definitely meet a soulmate, with whom it is much more interesting to share victories and experience defeats. In Dragon Knight 2, you can seal the marriage bond and arrange a festive inter-server banquet! After a lavish wedding, a unique outfit and a daily event for couples opens.

Summon the helper spirit

Spiritualists are magical helper artifacts that come from the other world. Magical creatures accompany the knights on their adventures and share their wisdom daily. Follow the advice of the magical spirit and develop his abilities to discover the invincible evolutions of spiritualists!

Arrange a legendary party!

Legendary warriors are famous for both divine power and generosity. Take a break from fighting surrounded by friends at a party of epic proportions. Invite thousands of players to a fabulous feast in your honor, please the knights of the server with generous gifts and arrange a festive flight of dragons!


  • New colorful graphics;
  • Leveling up unique heroes and charming goddesses;
  • Team and guild dungeons;
  • Arena battles and daily server battles;
  • Development of the guild base and guild wars;
  • Taming dozens of mounts;
  • Noisy weddings and interserver parties;
  • Hundreds of titles, wings and costumes!