Eternal Fury Reborn

Release date

Eternal Fury Reborn is a browser-based MMORPG in the setting of Nordic myths and legends. In the world of this game, you will explore locations, admire top graphics, solve mysteries and fight demonic creatures.

Being great heroes, you will protect the fantasy kingdom from danger. It is you who will stop the fire of war, which leaves behind only chaos and destruction. And only you have the strength to destroy the evil forces' plan to seize world power!

A journey through the vast world

An adventure awaits you in a seamless world with hundreds of dungeons and no fewer interesting characters. You will discover many new maps, find yourself in mysterious locations and be able to earn unique precious rewards.

The outcome of the war depends on you

To defeat the armies of the dark forces, you will upgrade the characters and improve the fighters of your army. For additional confidence in victory, you can hire heroic generals and even enjoy the support of real Gods!

Arena and PvP battles

In addition to the story battles, you will have fights with friends or random opponents. For additional reinforcement, you can join clans and guilds, as well as create alliances between like-minded people. Together with your loyal comrades, you will definitely achieve great heights!

HTML 5 support — complete freedom!

Thanks to HTML5 language support, the game works on phones, tablets and computers with the same quality. You can play regardless of the conditions — your exploits, adventures and treasures will be available on any modern device. So take advantage of it!