Empire Online

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Empire online takes you back to the Middle Ages and opens a long-turned, amazing page of history. What other period can boast of such expressive and only characteristic features for it?

The Middle Ages of Empire Online is:

  • noble knights, defending the honor of the coat of arms to the last breath and entering into duels for just one glance of the lady of the heart;
  • famous Crusades;
  • the holy Inquisition with its "righteous" bonfires;
  • huge castles of feudal lords with massive and at the same time luxurious furniture;
  • the dominance of Gothic culture.

The time of great people and momentous scientific discoveries in the modern interpretation presented by Imperia Online Ltd through gaming technologies.

The plot of the game is based on the confrontation of races, each of which tries to seize dominance over the surrounding territories. You have to go through a difficult path from a simple village elder to the ruler of a great empire. To do this, you will have at your disposal all the resources required for the construction of a structure, the creation and upgrade of units and the formation of an army. They will also be the key to successful diplomacy, economic prosperity and rapid development. Choose your tactics. How will the gaming imperial community recognize you, a formidable dictator, or a wise politician?

However, one should not hope for rosy prospects for peaceful prosperity. While you are negotiating with your neighbors, fighting uprisings among workers and artisans, building and improving, the inviolability of borders will be periodically violated by nomadic tribes.

Empire Online differs from similar products of other companies by a simple interface, conceptual complexity, high-quality execution in which one feels the creative impulse and depth of research.

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