Legends of the Ancients: Vikings and Slavs

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Legends of the Ancients: Vikings and Slavs is an online RPG about the feud between Vikings and Slavs in a unique fantasy world. Choose a side and embark on an exciting journey! Travel from Kattegat to Novgorod, explore mysterious ruins and master peaceful professions. Think over the development of the hero, developing dozens of skills and talents, and become a champion in the legendary Arena of glory. Learn blacksmithing and independently create weapons with equipment from the extracted resources. Gather friends in the clan and build a clan fortress together for the coming wars!

Taste of Freedom

The legend of the Ancients captivates not with spectacular special effects and colorful costumes, but with freedom of action and an abundance of opportunities. Already at the beginning of the game, the recruits are left to themselves. Whether it's group battles in arenas, adventurous treasure hunts or collecting herbs for a new potion. Nevertheless, the game guides and guides the player through an interesting plot that reveals the game universe, characters and game mechanics.

Brothers in arms

Over time, everyone thinks about joining a clan or creating their own. Clan life gives new allies, communication and opens up new ways to strengthen the hero. By joining forces, players build and improve buildings that give privileges. For example, improving the stable will increase the speed of travel on the world map, and building a forge will increase the chances of crafting rare items. In addition to the privileges and advantages, clan tournaments, monthly competitions and the capture of cities are waiting for you. 

Peaceful life

In the Legends of the Ancients, every player will find something to their liking. Tired of endless battles and travel, you will master peaceful professions:

  • Cooking — create delicious dishes from fish caught on fishing and harvested meat. Culinary masters are always full of energy and adored by allies for food bonuses;
  • Leatherworking — go to the nearest forest for game, simultaneously improving your hunting skill. From bones and skins, tanners create protective pads and chiseled bones, which are always carried by seasoned warriors;
  • Alchemy — while traveling around the world, there are different types of herbs. Master herbalism, search for rare plants and create infusions and extracts using alchemy. The created elixirs increase the characteristics in battle;
  • Errands — when you earn a reputation in the faction, the villagers will turn to you for help. Run daily errands and earn extra income;
  • Blacksmithing — crafting equipment in the Legends of the Ancients is a real art that will require a lot of time and investment. However, the work will pay off handsomely, because thanks to blacksmithing, weapons are forged, jewelry is made and shields are made.

These are not all the activities that will help to distract from the battles and campaigns.


  • The original game universe;
  • Two unique factions;
  • Various weapons and sets;
  • Crafting and forging of equipment;
  • Collection of collections and achievement system;
  • Construction of a clan fortress;
  • Epic tournaments and clan battles;
  • Free market between players;
  • Alchemy, cooking, fishing and other peaceful professions;
  • Group hikes and treasure hunts.