Rise of Angels

Release date

Rise of Angels is a new online Action/RPG with beautiful 3D graphics, open world and massive PvP battles. Explore a new fantasy world, charged with drive, adrenaline and endless action. In Rise of Angels, you will become whatever you want: an explorer of lands at the junction of worlds, a hunter of powerful bosses, a clan leader with a personal castle or a loyal friend for your soulmate. 

Choose your path

Start an epic adventure by choosing one of the three game classes. Become a magician, archer or warrior. Develop your character to your liking thanks to the skill builder, as well as dozens of various power-ups. Make your character unique and customize your appearance with costumes, wings or armor of the gods.

In Rise of Angels, you will fight a legion of monsters from the rift between the worlds, but this is not the only entertainment. You can change your occupation at any time. For example, open a personal store on the trading floor, master jewelry in the forge, or start hunting other players to get a portion of thrills. Choose an activity to your liking and unlock hundreds of achievements.

Assemble an invincible squad

Even when friends are not in the game, you will not be alone. In your adventures, you will be accompanied by a squad of allies from miniature fairies to all-powerful goddesses. Tame unicorns, flying dragons and other faithful steeds. Each mount can be equipped with equipment, making it even stronger. Search for magic shards that summon goddesses while traveling through Rise of Angels. Lovely goddesses are divided into combat classes, so you can choose an ally to suit your style of play. 

Do not forget about the main ally — the soul mate. When you meet the right person, you can have a wedding with a lavish ceremony and a festive banquet. Develop a relationship with your significant other through daily events, improving character characteristics.

Be glorified by the god of war

When one world seems small, you can go to the everlost. The most dangerous bosses live here and the strongest heroes clash in bloody wars. The best equipment can be obtained in the everlost. However, be careful, because the usual rules do not apply here — everyone is for himself. Can you become the greatest warrior by conquering the everlost in Rise of Angels?


  • A beautiful fantasy world with 3D graphics;
  • A single cross-server location for all servers;
  • Three classes with a skill constructor;
  • Many game modes, including Tower Defense;
  • Free trade between players;
  • Clan bosses and castle capture;
  • Massive PvP battles and PK mode;
  • Weddings, banquets, relationship development;
  • Crafting with improved items;
  • Customizable autoboy with AFK mode.