Refund Policy

All transactions made through the Play Hub platform and/or online games are final and cannot be returned, refunded and/or cancelled.


The Play Hub platform supports the operation of the platform and comfortable access for users. However, sometimes technical problems arise that cannot be predicted or prevented. Play Hub platform technical support strives to help users experiencing technical errors without undue delay.

If you encounter technical errors in the game or on the Play Hub platform, due to which you suffered losses, contact the technical support of the Play Hub platform. In your application, describe the problem in detail and attach screenshots related to the technical error. Claims for compensation without supporting information will not be considered. Upon receipt of a request for compensation, Technical Support will review the request and make a decision in its sole discretion.

Technical Support reviews compensation claims on a case-by-case basis, so decisions or awards for similar claims may vary.

Technical support does not reimburse losses if it cannot be confirmed that the error is caused by incorrect operation of the Play Hub platform or online games.

Technical support does not compensate for losses specified in the list (but not limited to):

If the user requests compensation for theoretical losses or lost profits. Technical support will only reimburse direct actual losses that the user had and in accordance with the Terms of Use published on the Play Hub platform;
If the losses are caused by technical problems of the user's system (incorrect operation of the computer, Internet connection, etc.) or a system owned by a third party;
If the user requests compensation for lost profits due to the blocking of an account on the Play Hub platform or in a game on the Play Hub platform that was blocked for violating the Terms of Use;
If the losses are caused by the fault, omission or omission of the user or the user's software, or violation of applicable law.